Common Sense: Today it's considered a superpower. You will need two-filament bulb sockets to do it. Take your time here and mask around the edges of the light housing. off topic - but do those converters work with leds? Apply several light coats of paint. In the US and most European countries, cyclists signal a right turn … Stock bulbs are usually about 21W, just for reference. My car already had turn signals, but they were manually operated via a toggle switch. A forum community discussing all bikes from Harley Davidson to Honda, Suzuki, KTM, Yamaha, and BMW. Make your. Want to add turn signals to your hotrod? Disclaimer, You are removing safety lights on your machine. You should be aware that a car is approaching from the front, may have a turn signal on, or maybe sitting in a turn lane. You should! So you have a motorcycle, And the turn signals work, But with distracted drivers all about we want to make sure they see our lights, Here we will show you how to make your turning signals noticeably brighter on the cheap. Making sure to cover the top, sides and rear of the housing as well. Sign in to add this video to a playlist. on Introduction. There are a few pre-requisites for this mounting style. I did three light coats, and one wet coat. Can someone point me to the right direction? Mar 24, 2019 - Want to add turn signals to your Van? Use a factory switch. It turned out to be a quick and easy fix. I feared something electronic and assumed for the worst. To use turn signals as running/turn/brake lights, you will need a dual-filament bulb in each, and an electronic circuit to mix the turn and brake signals, the way many autos do that have just one bulb for both. Take note of the length and placement of screws. Step 7 – Inserting the New Motorcycle Turn Signals. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I'd suggest taking a bulb to a couple stores and asking about availability... very cool. Troubleshooting your turn signals isn't tough. 2. 5 years ago Use an aftermarket switch. Steve shows you how to customize your Honda 919/ Hornet 900 motorcycle by installing after market turn signals. If you are new to operating a motorcycle, going into a sharp turn can be an intimidating experience. Make your The next is that you have sufficient clearance on the rear wheel to allow the fixing points and cables. The driver of the other vehicle rarely recognizes the motorcycle or can’t accurately judge their speed as the approach. The most times you will try to tap the wires is three times. These lights had three screws, two long and one short. This is for informational uses only, The author of this instructable takes no responsibility for anyone who gets hurt trying to do this work. Mounting LED turn signals to the rear of your motorcycle: 1. I don't understand what you want. Take note if you have longer and shorter screws. A lot has changed with the technology of vintage motorcycle turn signals and related components over the years. Attach the positive and negative wires to the turn signal's corresponding wires -- each with its own butt connector. Installation of an LED turn signal on your Sportster, Softail, or Touring motorcycle is fairly simple providing that you have a few small tools and an understanding of basic electrical wiring. Smart System Cancels Motorcycle Turn Signals Automatically By transmitting misleading information to other road users, forgetting to cancel a turn indicator can be potentially dangerous. First they only worked sometimes. Step three: Remove the bulb. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, Have a certified mechanic do this work for you. I want to replace by two turn signals that, at the same time, are brake lights, getting rid of the tail light. go to the local bike wrecking yard.. pick 4 turn signals that will bolt on. Then mount the LED turn lights on the grill, it will give a classic off-road look to the motorcycle. Be prepared and play the ‘what if’ game. Sign in. Step one: Remove the screws on the rear of the light. This video covers how to test motorcycle turn signals, very similar to what we did last week with testing a motorcycle headlight. You've probably noticed, your front signals are on whenever the key is one. Your tail/brake light should have three wires: brake, running, and ground. This is also a good Install the light and connect it to the harness. Shake your paint thoroughly, Clean the inside of the light housing. The easiest way to do what your looking for is to buy a little black box that converts a 3 bulb setup to a 2 bulb setup. Screw driver, or bit driver. (get some bark busters, they are a hand saver!). And you cant just buy led 1056 bulbs just anywhere. Share More. However, even advanced riders agree that cornering is a skill motorcyclists constantly improve for as long as they ride. The first is you have a rear fender…. Use a factory switch. Riding Victory...'til the wheels fall off! If you don't have a functional turn signal, signal with your hand. just get in the habit of doing something that causes you turn them off (keeping ur thumb over the switch during the turn or looking down at your lights) and eventually youll just do it subconsciously. You cancel it by pressing the turn signal switch straight in. It comes with tail light and two turn signals. Test everything after you are finished, check, Double check, Triple check everything. This may help to illustrate my question. 5 years ago Motorcycle Repair, Building, and Restoration. If you use really bright LEDs, say 3W or more, it should work just fine. Trailer Wiring Diagram Electrical Circuit Diagram Motorcycle Wiring Electrical Projects Diy Electronics Automobile Trucks Engineering Wire. If you want to add a little individualization to your bike, try installing aftermarket turn signals. It's not that hard... You have 3 options: 1. If your turn signals have stopped working, it'll be doing one of these things: blinking rapidly, coming on without blinking, or nothing at all. the wire that's feeding the turn signal lamp. Making sure to cover the top, sides and rear of the housing as well. It is also a way to communicate with other motorists. If something does not work after you did this, Contact a certified mechanic. You MIGHT also look to see if your bike has old incandescent bulbs. Victory Motorcycles: Motorcycle Forums. Using Headlight Grills Take a headlight grill and attach it to the front of the bike. Use an aftermarket switch. (It's easy!) If you just want to swap out a set of tail lights, You will need to know which wire delivers power to what light, and then you will need some kind of harness that attaches the light to the existing wiring... but if you are trying to custtomize your rear lighting, you should read wadenelsons artical on voltage drop... With the converters, it looks like the ground wires are not involved with the connection, so the lights will have to be grounded to the frame separately. The easiest way to add on turn signals without a factory switch is to use an aftermarket unit like these universal types: However, some people don't like the look of it so they want to hide it. Under the hood, connect the LED lights and horn to the harness. Some systems turned the signals off too soon while others kept them on for an eternity, but both forced me to take my eyes off the road to check if the signals were on or off before and after a turn. 3. Thanks for looking. Use a factory switch. None is from my own bike (need to take a few actually) but still a SpeedMaster. led lights are out there, but the light housing still has poor reflectivty. I had a problem with my motorcycle's turn signals not working. I am looking for a dual sport right now so I will have to try this. The SDC 01501 is advertised primarily as a device to add self-canceling turn signals to a motorcycle. You should! Come join the discussion about performance modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! We used a large plastic bag to protect the motorcycle and controls from over spray. Just bought a SpeedMaster. If you can find someone who has added a light bar to their Vulcan chances are good they have their old set of front signals complete with dual filament bulbs gathering dust in the garage. Participated in the Car and Motorcycle Contest. This bike is the 200cc. Now that the old motorcycle turn signals are out, it is time to place the new one. It is noticeably brighter in the day light, And even more so at night time. The second is after we finished. Moreover, you can even detach the headlight grill along with the LED turn lights and can reuse them for another motorcycle. A few squirts is all it needs. My signals self cancel after 10 seconds, but i dont like to let them go that long, so i let the blinking light under my gauges remind me. There may be automatic cancellation as well. An example is shown in the photo to the right. Knowing motorcycle hand signals is essential for any rider. If such isn't available on your bike, look for a connector elsewhere in the feed to your turn signals to make this insertion. There are several options available for LED signals. I've bought from these guys before, and this is a fair deal: That looks like a great solution. Step two: Remove the lens cover, It comes right off once the screws are removed. About 100 feet (30.48 meters) before your turn, initiate your turn signal to the right, to make other drivers aware of your intention to turn. Try searching for "5-wire to 4-wire Tail Light Converter"; they come in many types, with and without connectors. It's not that hard... You have 3 options: 1. Later on in the week my turn signals only worked after the motorcycle was left alone for a few days. Authorities suggest you can also extend your arm left or right to indicate a turn and put up your hand to indicate you are stopping to accentuate your intentions so long as they are not used in place of indicators or brake lights. Upgrade your old, bulky turn signals and add new visibility and style to your speed machine with our selection of turn signals from top brands in the industry such as K&S, TruFlex, MotoGadget, BikeMaster, Motone, British Customs, Morimoto, Koso, Sparck Moto, and RadioShack. JavaScript is disabled. Reply Make sure to cover the entire inside of the housing with paint. Actually you may be surprised. Use a factory switch. This can keep you safe from hazards on the road. Each turn signal should have two: turn and ground. Here comes the fun part, Masking. This switch toggles left for a left-turn signal and right for a right-turn signal. I noticed sometimes the turn signals worked if I revved the engine a all the way up to the rev limiter. It comes with tail light and two turn signals. We used a large plastic bag to protect the motorcycle and controls from over spray. Well done - that makes a big difference, I did mine by using self adhesive aluminium foil, same effect but less messy and no need to mask everything. That is a total of five wires, if all the grounds are counted as one. It's easy to put that unit under your seat, by the shifter, etc. I want to replace by two turn signals that, at the same time, are brake lights, getting rid of the tail light. In this case there was three screws. Step 1 Remove the plastic lens cover from the turn signal module by unscrewing the mounting bolts with a screwdriver. Four bullet-type, motorcycle LED turn … There is some room for improvement, however. Rear signals mount to the shoulder belt mounts. Remove the rubber gasket under the lens cover. The other two needed the ratchet, socket and bit method. Not Pictured: A plastic bag to catch over spray. on Introduction. Simply push in gently and twist and the bulb comes right out. Not only is it courtesy to wave back to a fellow rider. I'm building a Factory Five Cobra replica and wanted to add self-canceling turn signals. You can replace your stock 1156- or 1157-type bulbs with similar bulbs, you could add run-turn-brake functionality with something from Custom Dynamics, or you could replace the entire assembly for a completely new look. 2. The top most screw was easy to access with a standard screw driver. Use an aftermarket switch. Yep but you still might need a voltage compensator to make them work correctly. Want to add turn signals to your Van?,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. It will save a ton of re-wiring trying to do it all from scratch. You could probably build your own if your electronics savvy but to keep it simple you can buy one made for just bikes or a univerasal one usually used for towing a 2 bulb trailer with a 3 bulb style car. A simple construction procedure of a motorcycle electronic 2 pin turn signal indicator with beeper circuit has been thoroughly explained in this article. Home Forums > Victory Forum > Tech Q&A > 2. Find a set of front turn signals. In order to avoid the collision, be prepared for it. You should! Take your time here and mask around the edges of the light housing. That is a good idea. Clamp the turn-signal control to the steering column so that it doesn’t interfere with the tilt lever. I just wiped it off with a rag and started painting. Now that the paint is dry its time to reassemble the lights. 3. It's not that hard... You have 3 options: 1. The ground color will vary by manufacturer, and could be black, black with a yellow stripe, orange, or green. Fender Mount. How to Add Turn Signals and Wire Them Up. The first picture is before we started, Stock turn signal. Many "autozone" and "home depot" (car & house DIY stores) have bulbs which will swap out on display very cheaply in blister packs. Factory switchMost of you will have a hotrod that uses a steering column that has a turn signal switch built in. Want to add turn signals to your Van? You have to run a tail light as well as brake and turn lights. It really depends on the way the circuits are made, and the bias points of the electronic switches, so only one way to find out. There is no universal language for hand signals on a motorcycle and officially there is no need for them on any motorcycle with indicators and brake lights. Make your own switch system. With a knowledge of the mechanics involved in taking a turn on your motorcycle and a little bit of practice, you'll soon be negotiating even sharp turns like a dream. The good news is that all of these symptoms point to two possible issues, a bad turn signal relay or a dead bulb. Share it with us! 3. You should! What you need to do is find the wiring diagram for the vehicle the … Just bought a SpeedMaster. 2. The beauty of this approach (aside from its ease) is that you've made no permanent modification to your bike. Here’s what you need to do the job: 1.) Use an aftermarket switch. Drill a 7/16-inch hole for the blue LED indicator light. Did you make this project? Some bikes have two turn signal switches, one on each side of the handlebar. Place tape over the light socket inside the housing. The wires on the motorcycle turn signals have to be routed thorough rubber grommet and then should follow the route where the old motorcycle turn signals were located. Article by spearhead3. Place the wiring into the turn signal housing and replace the inner assembly. Can someone point me to the right direction?