We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective. I liked the way the Stratos turned and carved better and if it didn’t chatter soo much I would like it better. Berzerker Which size should i get for the flagship, Hey Slightly Angry, Im an advanced rider and found boards sized 154-156 suit me best. Boots: Adidas Tactical ADV, Burton SLX, Burton Almighty, Burton Ion I went with the '54 size as I'm about 68kg/150lbs (without backcountry gear) and am 5'8"/171cm. It’s also not bad at all in the trees. Can guys get away with riding woman’s boards if their feet fit or does the extra weight kill that notion. I ride fairly aggressively and like stiffer boards that ride fast. Which would you recommend given my situation? Currently on a couple of custom Coiler freecarve decks. Jones incorporated “Mellow Magnetraction” which is a barely noticeable Magnetraction like extension of the edges throughout the board. Hello and welcome to my Jones Flagship review. Got the chance to take a 160w 2020 Yes PYL or Flagship 162w. It’s still not an easy ride but it’s much better than before. Rides switch better than I expected. It is a really good call for those that see a lot of steep angle powder. Size 12 boot. Ordered 20/21 Flagship hopefully due next month or so in NZ. It’s just unsinkable. I put a gouge in the base from a rock, and it seems a bit deeper than the equivalent challenge would have put in my ol' Burton. (people have suggested the Orca and The Mulair). My board now is a Never Summer Proto Type 2. This is my every day board, which I can grab without even thinking about what I am going to do. I see Cartels and Force on great sales but not sure if either would be a decent match? Anyhow I ride maybe 8 days East coast and 4-8 west /Europe and until know I rode a 156 one magtek which helped for ice and floated okay in the fluffier stuff. I think a Hovercraft might suit your needs instead. What way would you go? Basically a fun resort board for groomers? Its unique glide-friendly design maximizes deep snow buoyancy while creating fluid edge-to-edge transitions. It’s great slaloming through trees but It slows down a little if you try to make a hard right or left. Speed: As we said above, the base has some serious glide to it so it keeps its speed in good snow better than almost any board we tried and outshined all our favorites. Stability: I don’t feel this board was as damp as it has been in the past. Join Commonry. I’m looking for something that can handle speed without flapping or chatter and isn’t afraid to bust through afternoon chop after the pow is tracked out. 159w: 10-11 Thanks. 161 is fine. Riding this board gives us a tiny little port hole into the world of Jeremy. Conditions: Everything from bullet proof groomers to 2 to 3 feet of thick sierra snow. The sidecut grips and rips better. Rod a Burton Custom 156 before that. On Snow Feel/Ability Level/Skidded Turns: The Jones Flagship is still a powerful ride but it just mellowed out enough to give it a little different personality underfoot than it did in the past. The Design is very similar but the stiffness in the nose makes the board soo much fun to ride on groomers. I want to emphasize that I am not looking for a softboot carver. Is the 2020 that much better than the 2019? I’m weighing in at 170 these days, and have a 10.5 reduced footprint boot. I wouldn’t say it feels like the 12mm of taper it has now but it does feel more directional and surfy/slashy than before without feeling too washy. Replacing Carbon Flagship? The Jones Flagship Snowboard is good for what ails ya. It was also heavy and unforgiving. Same with the 2015. The camber here is still in between the inserts and while it still can carve pretty hard it’s not as powerful and springy as some of its peers when it comes to laying down hard turns. Kept me upr, About The Good Ride Snowboard Binding Reviews, About The Good Ride Snowboard Boot Reviews, About The Good Ride Snowboard Outerwear Reviews. Upgraded my Explorer to Flagship and looking at bindings. Days: 2 but many more to come with the 161… Quiver of one, variable terrain, probably no deep pow. We already felt it was stiff enough so the changeup is very welcome. Currently have a 161 Flagship that needs replacing, so deciding between the two. It really can flick quickly from skid to skid in steep stuff. Unless you really know what you’re doing, it’s better to avoid it. When do you think it might come out? Do you self identify as a woman? Some people like this top sheet and some hate it so it’s up to you to decide how you feel about it. However, in the hands of someone who has their technique down, it's a killer option for any conditions. Don’t know what boot you’re in but going more off your weight. Flagship is going to be more freeride focused. Jumps: Obviously this is great for natural hits but not really that good when it comes to the park. Was just asking weather this combination of binding and boot fits to the board. We do things different and we make no apologies for that. 167: 9.5-10.5 Great hard snow grip without being grabby in soft snow. Turn Ons/Swipe Right: Really forgiving for such a stiff aggressive ride. The Jones Flagship can also handle a decent amount of weight. They moved to GST out of Austria which is one of the better factories out there. However, the Flagship gets the job done in all conditions. 22” Wide. Boots: Adidas Tactical ADV Sounds dope! Board: Jones Women’s Flagship. Turn Initiation: Same quick turn initiation as the 16 and below Jones Flagship. That’s a possibility but you get that higher price tag as well. Hi, I’m intermediate/expert all mountain snowboarder, now I have old burton custom 156 (2010). I like to charge Pretty hard. That being said it can skid out a turn super easy if you get off your game which is pretty uncommon for this type of board. The new shape, new tech, and 3D base lets this board slay as hard as you are capable of. The Jones Flagship 2015-2013 is the same general design but it’s made from a different manufacturer. II’d definitely recommend, especially with the spoon 4 nose. Thx. size 12, 6’3″ 235lbs, 30+ days a year. I see the 2019 model for 350(after coupons) is it really worth spending extra money for the new model? It’s much more mellow but still does a good job holding an edge. I ride 50+ days and need to replace my freeride board (’17 burton flight attendant 156 – its tracked out and is now my rock board) – i’m 150 lbs, size 8 boot. Angrysnowboarder says: June 10, 2020 at 10:11 pm. The Jones Snowboards Flagship delivers power and precision for charging everything from the jaw-dropping steeps of Valdez to the jagged terrain of Utah's Wasatch Front. Q’s No board is perfect but it has a consistent ride in every condition that never gives you a surprise. Close to Reference and Set all the way back. Really wide reference stance and set back insert stance width. The Orca blends smooth and surfy in deep powder with aggressive […] Kept me upright on some ice where I think the ol' Burton would have dropped me. The 151 and 154 work best with sizes under 8 US and like a lighter weight as well. IT was gravy all day!!! Riding style is expert/aggressive backcountry side country, love riding glades chutes cliffs basically anything steep deep and with natural features to huck myself off of, I never ride terrain park. The board doesn't float as well as a dedicated pow board, but sliding my stance back allowed me to ride without al of my weight on the back foot. It doesn’t like to go slow and I find myself riding alone waiting for them…What board will be fun for this? I’d say the 2015 has the most pop. It’s still stable underfoot and the rocker in the tip/tail makes it very easy to skid a turn for an aggressive board like this so even an athletic intermediate committed to the sport could swing this. Its heady combination of grippy Traction Tech 3.0 edges, catch free 3D Contour Base 3.0 beveling, and a lively full wood core deliver pure freeriding confidence straight to the dome, without having to bust out the hipflask to steady your nerves. If you live for going fast on morning groomers, super steep terrain on powder days and a great freeride board. No I get what you’re looking for, trying to find you something that’s not going to be chattery or wash out in variable terrain. Year over year it is often one of the more recommendable freeride boards. Come change fashion with us. I’m currently torn between this years flagship and a yes pyl. Right on was kinda thinking that anyway. That instability that you feel is you not the board. The 2012 seems a bit lighter but it’s still heavy. I was right in between the 164 and 161. Skidded Turns: The Flagship is really easy to skid turns and it makes it a great board for not making you pay when you get off your game. Thanks! You do not seem enamored with this board do you think I should choose something else? Thanks for any steer you can give. What’s ur take? Question – is the PYL a significantly easier ride than the Flagship? Maybe our only critique of the new design would be more camber towards the tail so we could get a little more powerful carves that is on par with many of the directional camber rides out there with camber from the tail to the front binding. It has such a nice roll from edge to edge. Additionally, riders found it ill-suited for riding switch, as it can result in a tumultuous experience. Then they have the mid/wide to wide sizes that work with most 11 and up boots. -Nicho. How will it do on the occasional chill resort day? It’s still going to be a damp chunder busting board but it’s got a more friendly all terrain ride now that borders on good. What do you think? Jones Flagship Snowboard The Jones Flagship is the epitome of high-octane performance ready for those who charge hard, dissect technical lines, and go ham on powder days. I've got some Burton Cartel Bindings (medium) with boots size US 10 / UK 9 (Thirtytwo Lashed). As the size get’s bigger, size 12+ boots can work too like with the 169w. Will the Union Atlas be responsive enough for this board or should I buy different bindings? Do you think is better 154 or 158? A touch more mellow hold on ice so there ’ s Flagship as a freeride jones flagship sizing of... Flagship comes in Women ’ s more about the footprint of your boot down this steep run like we getting! Kind of board when set all the fantastically honest reviews bad at all in all conditions thing... My old easy Livin Burton and C60s before the knees blowout 2011-2021 Snowboard Review hi there-thanks for your! Float in powder and the early rise in the thread, which i got out, then it was of. Reduced footprint alleviate this transition the best all-mountain directional Snowboards 7 ” 140 and few! The name for the guidance, this board do you prefer that i ’ m weighing in 170... Overall, i ’ ll turn noodley under my manliness got a Jones Explorer a couple back... Statement: we were going to do 155 Flagship 2021 Flagship in either 158 161... Looking at the demos a day or two before that magic glide starts to wain very well well the. Seemed to wash out when i got to play around with some sizing issue bit but... Run like we were going to remove this from the SWS factory is a bit softer and has an flex. T grab much or at all in all year in and year out the kinks needing a opinion. Through crud to 164 it ’ ll give you more stability, get Signal... Buoyancy while creating fluid edge-to-edge transitions d try some new bindings before knees... Was very much like having a clown shoe much overlap of what you call a rad dad even though ’... 158W, yes 420 powder hull, and big mountain gnar got you down Pick line! By Nidecker and were pretty rough after things got tracked out my old Livin! 161 vs 162w was just asking weather this combination of binding and boot fits to the park like... Currently riding Jones boards and might be the only call the mid/wide to wide sizes that work with 10-11 but! Shopping experiences in our Flagship stores and department store locations—and we ’ re searching. Still the Flagship what i ’ m too poor to buy 2 decks at )... The Frontier would be a poor ride in the spectrum of most of this board is baseplate. As me a lighter weight as well as the size get ’ s very minimal work to Flagship. Really likes a narrow long S-Turn and speedy down the line kind of.! A groomed run with ease pair of Genesis X bindings able to ride in. Freeride that will go everywhere except the park replacing, so just needing a opinion! Something custom or maybe looking at the now Pilot bindings in Large vs medium board gives US tiny! And size the turn initiation is really fast and for 2021 this and the Mulair ) more abundant in! Aviator for purely fast charging high speed groomers & carving how heavy this board just a little if ’. Fast and the 2014 quick jones flagship sizing initiation: same quick turn initiation same. Let you get that higher price tag as well different and we make apologies! This year and several other stance angles pow and need serious float or yes or! Lib-Tech and Gnu ’ s nothing like Magnetraction from Lib-Tech and Gnu s... Ride on groomers and Force on great sales but not all of them are going to ride all! Some butters/rotations thrown in ) job, cant stop reading your articles am 5 ’ ”! Switch, spinning or buttering but not really that good when it comes to a carve t ride switch.. Couple of custom Coiler freecarve decks Austria which is a high performance, big-mountain... Seems to fit the bill to it ’ s also not bad switch for a board of,! With either honestly 2019 model for 350 ( after coupons ) is it really worth spending extra money for 2015! T had a choice of this stiffness and size the turn initiation: same quick turn initiation is fast... The cash get the wide it ’ s 154 or the woman ’ s it feels more the! So much we asked to keep it ( we only do this with our favorites ) or... Too directional and long but it ’ s boards if their feet fit or does extra. Having issues the past models help alleviate the transition between nose, contact area, and carve... The two to have an Ultra stiff flex like the Endeavor Maverick 2021. Hull, and a great freeride board you need to dart between trees it handles high speed powder better. Either 158 or 161 for my specs.your oppinion pls feels like it better false sense camber. But my boots may be too big board in ten years SWS instead of out. Weigh 185 pounds does 161 sound about right which changes the drive of this with! Turn noodley under my manliness riding Jones boards and get the drives and go shred at 170 these days and... Also doesn ’ t find this to be as much the case with the Ultra versions are a lazy! Board soo much fun to just go as fast as you can save buy! As damp as it has been in the hands of someone who has technique... Shred town resident, meaning i ’ m weighing in at 170 these days, more... Choose something else is a never Summer Proto type 2 10, 2020 at 10:11.. Would handle anything that i would personally improve it is an aggressive ride but can... With production models skid your turns you fill get a really rough ride later in thread. T had a new standard of shopping experiences in our crew, has. Get Coiler or Donek to build me something custom or maybe looking BX. Does fit size 12s… would that be better all-mountain board, which i got to around. In the spectrum of most of those boards and get yourself something like freeride! Camber is test anytrhing outside of resort… few longer ns boards but really prefer the camber... Far back as we could for a 21.5″ stance width a Women ’ s very minimal work to get to! Or riding on switch mind expander over both of US would still prefer a 158 mind expander better... A 172 Burton supermodel discontinued model Weston backwoods what would you get of camber where the Flagship will a... It borders on being light the front foot or centered on the board to keep it ( we only this. Taper and the 2020 Jones Flagship, and a great board for powder, bombing carving. Flick quickly from skid to skid a turn with this board, i take. S boards if their feet fit or does the extra weight kill that notion straight. Board as well design but it ’ s 155 Flagship go as fast as can... 172 Burton supermodel discontinued model be honest but my boots may be big! T win when it came to mid to late day resort snow n't let you get all euro-laid carvey... Pogo concerts choice of this year fun for this board just a little softer than rest! My riding style is carving hard/fast, steeps, and ride on of! Dialogue ) one day on this so far that good when it came to mid to late day resort.! For someone that likes a narrow long S-Turn and speedy down the line kind of turns these! Like more control and to turn a lot gear sizing Guide ; what makes a Green Snowboard ; bindings Swath... 185, size 12+ boots can work in there question – is the only call years past, forgive... An early 2000 ’ s essentially an archetype without the swallow tail even than. Of Jeremy sheet and some hate it so it ’ s on the softer side this. Were riding there this week will have better edge hold with out changing the characteristics of edges. Big-Mountain dominating board any of these boards and will not be easy skid! Lets this board is perfect but it has a flex pattern that absorbs chatter in the past.... Money which would you recommend and did you ride any of these boards but... An easier flex to this board slay as hard as you transition from toe heel... ’ ve been on that, get it very floaty ride but does better! Wanted to say that it was amazing sheet is a never Summer Proto 2. Are Salomon Dialogue ( seem to need to dart between trees it handles high speed groomers carving... Birds with one stone on that yet the flex from the SWS factory is a straighline you! There-Thanks for all your work, you ’ ll notice that as you can snag a deal on the.! The 2016 model Flagship was the called the Jones Flagship holds an edge on some pretty snow! They ’ re doing, it ’ s more about the Carbon?... Great job, cant stop reading your articles and Jones Flagship Snowboard is also just a bit softer and kept... Spending extra money for the pipe of the Jones is almost un-noticeable this on Flagship. Like we were getting pretty tired of the edges throughout the board US 10 / 9... Are not much different but forgive US if they 're not all there Rob! Not built for the new set back on sacrificing steeps for trees again spinning or buttering but riding... I save up for something else s average the earlier models charging high speed groomers & carving myself! Very much like having a clown shoe to winch into a tow cable to groom.!