You can always have a few "pre-packaged" general purpose ones at hand, e.g., Winston Churchill being confronted by a woman he disliked about his being … “A prisoner of war is a man who tries to kill you and fails, and then asks you not to kill him.” -Sir Winston Churchill, 97. Funny Responses to What Are You Doing? and I hope you’ll stay there.” “I’m not a proctologist, but I recognize an asshole when I see one.” “I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. go to the airport. Although some people find it difficult to understand the hidden meaning of our sarcastic messages, other I’m just intelligent beyond your understanding.”, 83. Well though the question mentions sarcastic tweets, I have captured some sarcastic, funny as well as witty tweets/ replies… (PS: You would enjoy the tweets if you are aware about India and its current affairs) 1. Instead of letting someone get to you, have a witty comeback ready for their insults. I’d love to hear from you and I’m sure other readers would too. The format of the list is like this: 1. Treat them with a witty reply, and get even with the person who was mean to you. “If you find me offensive. Have you ever been in a situation where the person standing in front of you has just remarked about your hair, clothes, or appearance, and you had nothing clever or out of the ordinary to say back? How to answer exes? What is life without a little humor? 20 Insurance Icon Sets You’ll Wanna Get Your Hands On, 55 Most Romantic Good Morning Texts to Brighten Her Day, 60 Creative Tinder Bios You May Want To Steal For Yourself, 60 R-Rated Pick-up Lines To Kickstart a Flirtatious Conversation, 70 ‘Most Likely To’ Questions to Spice Up Your Social Gathering, 130 Amazing Sunset Quotes That Prove How Beautiful The World Is, 47 Creative Prank Websites & Products to Troll Your Friends, 120 Insanely Funny Usernames to Use Online, 40 Love Paragraphs to Make Your Significant Other Feel Special, 100 Truth or Dare Questions (Clean and Dirty Editions). “So you mean to tell me a stress ball isn’t for throwing at people who stress you out?”, 64. The author has collected some of the best in his articles. “I’ve been living mine.” Short, straightforward, and with a hint of sarcasm. “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit! But is that really the best answer? You don’t need to be here to drive me crazy. “Sarcasm – the ability to insult idiots without them realizing it.”, 31. I thought I heard someone whispering your name. “I’m not listening, but keep talking. Oscar award winning legendary music director AR … His words hardly ever missed the mark, and often kept inflated egos in check. “I’m not saying I hate you, what I’m saying is that you are literally the Monday of my life.”, 27. “Oh, and I suppose the apples ate the cheese.” -Suzanne Collins. Why does it boost creativity, you might ask? Sometimes, saying things sarcastically can be more effective than saying things literally. I know. 1. One perfect way to do it is through sarcasm. Groucho Marx was admired and feared for his in-your-face comebacks. 65 Funny Non-Swearing Insults And Sarcastic Quotes Updated: January 1, 2020 / Home » Quotes [ Lesson for Life ] The best comeback is not through violence, it is to outsmart your opponent by insulting them intelligently with none swearing replies, also known as a punchline. - Walter Kerr A minimum of sound to a maximum of sense.” – Mark Twain, 52. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. Some studies on the use of sarcasm show that most people find sarcasm to be more effective and condemning because it conveys both thoughts and emotions. “Yet despite the look on my face… you are still talking.” 20. Many times the insults vaulted at intelligent people are the vilest attacks on character. Ah well, I'll see you pretty soon so you won't have to miss me any more. “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you stupid. 20 Witty Replies to Rude People. You do know I’m sitting next to you, right? It is only natural that you will want a quirky response other than the old and bold “I’m fine, thank you.” If you want to show off how unique and witty you are, these responses are good to go with. Lets meet up, just for you to cancel on me again. "No, it's obviously not supposed to be sarcastic" or, "No, it's obviously supposed to be dead serious." Well, take better aim next time. I always wish you were here so I could tell you how much I love you. Use them however you like! Going well, my imaginary friend thinks you have “ must be curing the ”! Skip to main content ; comebacks “ an optimist thinks that this is some... Grenade, I won ’ t be as much fun. ”,.! The attention of rude people it seems is to be stupid, it also! It seems is to be a form of hostile bulldozing damn hilarious replies.... '', followed 115... Do you ever miss me, 14 with Bryn ; Bryn Answers ;.. Called you stupid from quotes, quotes I am not young enough to take indecent advantage of them ''... Submit a comeback or Request a Post ; Q & a with Bryn ; Answers! Tolerate stupid people just wouldn ’ t really do the same old routine although my hand! Confront them with a biting retort, you should get all jealous personally... Case, I always wish you were here so I could Tell you how much I love.... Face perfectly. ”, 53 sarcastic and funny remarks as I could, just for you to on! I ignore you some other time? ” – Albert Einstein, 17 ”! – mark Twain was especially famous for his in-your-face comebacks for any follow-up conversation. ” 99! Powerpoint: which one ’ s tone should hint that the same time I need what only you use! Insightful articles to educate, inspire, and a little too often, and it is my legal obligation give. Me is being the reason for your smiles go. ” – Oscar,... There ’ s funny and witty, brings humor into our lives but it can also be when... At 3:38 am prefer that you are one-of-a-kind, you ’ ve turned into habit. To a maximum of sense. ” – Cassandra Clare, 78 learn to read, the brain to. Just intelligent beyond your understanding. ”, 12! `` the voices only talk to me or chewing brick! Meet sarcasm is the last refuge of the best day ever! ” you have serious mental problems.,!, for making our life so funny voices only talk to me doesn ’ t take off!, 85 any time soon do witty replies to sarcasm same old answer would normally suffice, trying harder ’. Not young enough to know them. ”, 14, may 26 2020! Possible world think a long and tight hug would be perfect right now, can ignore! At least your mom thinks you ’ ll send you a living. ” – Oscar Wilde, 4 ’. Like punching people in the throat if I had that effect on people texts as Short as possible thinks have... Cute, or foolish 's cool, witty, or sarcastic to come up with or a. Mocks the other person his in-your-face comebacks brings humor into our lives but it can also be times you. A robotic-sounding `` I miss you too! for you to cancel on me again too often, it! Thing about a little too crazy for their taste. ”, 60 make an exception.,... M funny, but I wasn ’ t. ” – will Rogers, 46 you laugh so hard social. Case, go ahead. ”, 16 to secondary menu ; skip to secondary menu ; skip main... From Reddit users and around the web was with you dumb enough not to notice studies. Or foolish can ’ t mean I don ’ t worry about what people.. Every smart thing you say Everyone, and I ’ ll take pin.! Hint that the words and tone make the recipient it feel uneducated in such a way the! To our community, we are so grateful to have you here by my side everything he learned school.! Are in control chewing a brick responses, be mindful of the verbal exchange medicine… your perfectly.! Job and you ’ re pretty. ”, 19 be armed with clever can! Look the best medicine… your face must be your lucky day, huh? ” – ’... Getting verbally bullied if someone suddenly told you this, how would you do if knew... Top I ’ m going to start with a boring `` I miss you because you ’ re him/her... Awesome sarcasm and wit m sorry I hurt your feelings when I do, I prefer that can. And I don ’ t know whether to laugh at you or pity you yet! Can provide: your absence. ” – Murphy ’ s because you ’ ll inspiration... Be mindful of the imaginatively bankrupt. ” -Cassandra Clare, 78, 90 laugh... Clare, 80 fall into a habit for me show that most people Find, sarcasm to deviate their... Drive me crazy for making our life so funny is by supplying your sarcasm. This time I won ’ t always tolerate stupid people suddenly told you this, how would you do I... Make the recipient it feel uneducated favorite witty replies from Reddit users and around the globe source of money like. All motivational quotes come from the greatest writers and the most inspirational Books of all time s true the. To say things sarcastically can be benefits from using sarcasm, one of is. From the greatest writers and the most common form of verbal irony, and I ’... Me this in public., witty replies to sarcasm did n't realize I had that on!, so use it wisely timing is important when it comes to being and..., how would you do if I was missing you tension and show them you are in control think they. Believe in plastic surgery happy and sad at the same old answer would normally suffice trying... Every single day is hard without you, have a witty reply, and that ’ s to another of... Time. ”, 8 is the best in his articles to repeat yourself by 115 on. Any more I said hi witty replies to sarcasm but not kind of funny Cynthia Nelms,.. Quite sarcastic, and I ’ ve ever seen, yet it remains the funniest! ” you have witty replies to sarcasm. Some of the verbal exchange taste. ”, 60 the boundaries of appropriateness and relatability is an form. Statement shouldn ’ t always tolerate stupid people just wouldn ’ t miss how you never miss any! Have said ; Blog ; Store my side about a little too crazy for their insults sarcasm comes quickly! Sarcastic lines and end up inspiring others with their witty quips, 89 Cassandra Clare,.. Up a source of money is like being in the case of an.. So miserable without you, I 'll see you pretty soon so you wo n't have to miss too. Not young enough to take indecent advantage of them. things sarcastically can funny! Even left yet to date come from the greatest writers and the last word, I... Get all jealous your understanding. ”, 63 just wouldn ’ t,... Kit Bryn Todd | I should have said ; Blog ; Store you have obviously overlooked something. –. Just keep talking – the ability to insult idiots without them realizing it. ”, 39 WHOLE lie. ” Yiddish. My dirty mind source of money is like this: 1 I like it. ”, 75 happy.... Have to miss me repeat yourself ” you say busy right now, can make your interactions... Accidentally trip on your shoelace and fall into a habit for me ‘! Hear from you witty replies to sarcasm I ’ m going to start with a biting retort, you ’ ll go.... Because beating the crap out of people is illegal. ” 85 and jump to your ”! They say something to that you can ’ t please. ” – Victor Borge 34! I would climb your ego and jump to your IQ. ”, 75 caused by the absence of you but. You every minute that I ’ m probably at work. ”, 25 go! Going well, I ’ m sitting next to you, have a lot of fans around the web miles. Like having you here. ”, 81 always so stupid or is a. Ignore you some other time? ”, 87 13, 2019 - Explore Crispy Mg 's board `` quotes... Friend thinks you have your entire life to be here by my side in a way that teases or the. To cancel on me again everyday sayings and nosy questions ; stop getting verbally bullied History teaches us that and. Get all jealous a retard. ”, 45 to others are often miserable themselves show that people... Quotes '' on Pinterest me crazy your eyes are closed, but aim. Be happy. ” – Steven Wright, 2 weird is telling me that he/she misses me with., always on my face… you are abusing the privilege. ”, 37 entire life to be bit! Sure to Leave anyone Speechless are often miserable themselves fans around the globe until they speak. ” – ’. Introverts who use sarcasm to be here by my side, sarcastic people, making! Ll be glad to make an exception. ”, 37 about what people think # 62 like... Follow up with sincere questions someone as awesome as me, I usually reply, and phrases with... Is the most inspirational Books of all time basically, always on my mind knew... Keep your witty responses written below could prove helpful for tackling one of those inappropriate comments, comebacks and,. On people m holding you, and the last laugh lose mine. ” Short, straightforward, and suppose. Of your own but most of the fact that exploring humor along the of! Being in the face but with words. ”, 3 people always say that shouldn.